Running a business has many pitfalls and traps. Your first priority will be to deliver to your customers, but you must always be aware of your legal obligations in the services and products you offer, as well as in the management of your staff. 

The Talent Engagement Standard sets out the main obligations that all businesses operating in Australia and New Zealand must adhere to. The Standard can be used as a set of requirements to help you design a complaint management system across your business.

Many of the modules address areas which, if compliance is not maintained, could result in significant financial penalties and/or severe reputation damage to your business. This includes areas such as: Privacy, Safety, Right to Work and Employment Practices.

Other modules set out an approach to best practice in the critical area of Talent Management - that is the recruitment and retention of talent. 

The final module on Quality Management describes an approach and set of tools that will assist you to maintain management control across your business. 

Taken together, these modules can assist you to design and maintain ongoing compliance in all these key areas. 

Next steps...

1. Use the TES as a guide to implement compliance controls in your business

2. Request an external Risk Assessment

3. Seek Certification